American Express Platinum Cashback Card - How do you redeem your Cashback??

    Basically as above. I only have £6 in Cashback but i can't for the life of me see how to redeem it!

    Does anyone know??


    I am pretty sure it is paid annually - credited back to card on anniversary each year.

    it is taken off your balance annually on the anniversary of your card, e.g. one year after you got your card and every year there after.

    it is handy and the more you spend the more cashback you get as your percentage can go higher if you spend over a certain amount. i think its £10,000 annually

    AMEX Cashback paid on 12th statement after account opened. Spend it or ask AMEX to transfer to your current account (no fee). If account inactive, may be fees for non-use of card, check T&C!

    Was told by Amex recently that cashback can also be swapped for Nectar points, check online account to see if you can.

    If you want better 'cashback' and are organised, get something like Tesco card with 12-month interest free period, make minimum payment each month AND PUT THE REST OF WHAT YOU HAVE SPENT IN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT (plenty around 3%), pay card off in full at end of the 12 months, and the card company is in effect banking with you! Check MSE for more info on this.…rds

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