American fridge freezer help and advice please?

    Hi guys a year or so ago there were always deals and discussions on American fridge freezers. We are no looking for one and are completely confused by all the models from currys, comet etc. There are some silver or stainless steel from 600 to 1200 quid. Theres not a lot of different as all models have ice and water and are between 670 mm and 750 mm in depth, we like 670 mm as it will not stick out so much and even the same makes differ wildly in price from model number to model number although features do not. Still with me?

    The point is you can find a 900 quid one on a comet/currys but then find the same model for 600 quid on line and visa versa. So how do you know which is a decent one, do you just compare every small detail, i.e. frost free, self defrosting etc!

    Lastly with the kids etc, what marks less stainless still or silver please?

    Many thanks for all help given !!!


    Hotpoint do fingerprint resistant Stainless Steel...I think the only way is go to a Independent retailer ask the questions get the right advice....Not a young kid and then check price on line...Try 365electrical and then go back to the dealer that gave you all the advice thank him and do a deal so you both win...Remember online they have no overheads...A shop has staff and rent..Hope that helps:thumbsup:

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    cheers for the hotpoint tip, I always check teh internet and get the shopto match the price, all the high street retailers are very eager to do deals at the mom

    It's stuff like the fingerprint resistant finishing that bumps the price up. Lots.
    Stores like Curry's and Comet quite often put these on sale on Bank Holiday Weekends, so if you can wait til next weekend, it might be worth a look.
    I bought my Samsung one from Curry's about two years ago on half price from £1000 to £500. It's not the fanciest one there was, got a water dispenser but no ice dispenser, but at the end of the day, it keeps my food cold!

    i bought an american fridge a samsung one from comet it stated to break down after 2 months after a lot of hassle we managed to get money back but speaking to some fridge engineers we was advised to get a whirlpool american if we was going to buy another as these get the least call out of all the makes (dont know how true this is)
    we managed to get a black whirlpool for under £600 we bought it from currys it was the cheapest we found, everywhere else it was over £800 im happy with it but ive only had this for a month
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