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Found 27th Feb 2010
I'm heading to America in a few months time to drive across the country from New York to LA.

I've started to look at car hire but have found that most places seem to charge an extortionate amount ($1000 in some cases) to drop the car in a different location.

Has anyone done this before or able to suggest a company which won't charge an arm and a leg for the privilege??

Any help would be fantastic!


The only people I know who have done that have bought a car and sold it on at their destination, but seems like a lot of risk and bother!! Good luck with that!

I think a company like this ]http//ww…om/ is the best way to go. people want cars move across the us but cant be bothered to do it themselves. ive never done this myself but talked to people who have and it seams to be a very cheap or even free option.

I looked up Hertz Rent a Car U.S. for you and you're in the same ball park saying $1000 for NY to LA.
For a week starting after Easter,I found a Pontiac G6 (?) for $1137 (booked 30days before & prepay)! Then there's gas on top,obviously?
For the same time,a normal rental in New York would be $400.Big difference.

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Yeah, its for 3 weeks in August.

The ones I've looked at so far generally charge about $800 - $1000 for the rental itself, but then about the same again as an extra charge to leave the car in LA. We'd braced ourselves for paying up to a grand but certainly not double that amount

I've heard of certain schemes where you basically move the car for someone else. Like if someone was moving house from NYC to LA but didn't want to do the mammoth drive themselves. Not sure where to look for that though.

It's funny you should mention that!!
I done that exact same thing for someone who wanted the car in NY .I think I saw an ad in a LA newspaper and replied to a agency.
I done it in 1983 and it worked out fine.
Worth a go,coz a lot of the petrol is paid by the owner.
bcp's suggested site seems pretty good. Click on `Available cars' etc at bottom of page.
On a different site,I found a Audi A4 to drive to LA, BUT,in the next couple of weeks! Ah-h-h.
Good luck
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