American Style Fridge Freezer (impossible to find)

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Found 3rd Oct 2008
Hi im looking for an american style fridge freezer, the ones that have two doors SIDE BY SIDE, however what is so hard to find is one that has a width smaller than 80cm, all the ones i have seen are 90cm. 81 or 82 may even fit but as long as you can find it. Im looking to spend under £600, but if i have no other choice then i would be willing to spend more, also i would really like it to have the water dispenser on the outside of it if that would be possible (but not necessary).
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Not surprised mate. If it was less than 80cm wide it'd be tiny inside :?
Not exactly what you are looking for, but looks like the american ones as it has the two (left and right) doors for the fridge and 70cm wide:
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thanks, any more fridge's as that one doesn't have a water dispenser.
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comeon guys any suggestion for a 2 door fridge side by side and around 80cm wide or less.
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bump, the latest i can order is tomorrow.
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BUMP please guys some help!
Face it matey, you aint gettin' one :lol:
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^lol. Oh man i thought people here know where to find these "hard to find" things.
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Final bump for some luck
I don't think they exist, I spent a bit of time looking before we bought our new one in the summer, and didn't find anything so we ended up with a 70cm wide normal one.
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ok then, well my old one was but thats broken and isn't sold anymore.
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