American style fridge freezer- without a water and ice dispenser- recommendations?

    We find the water dispenser takes up too much space and would prefer without. Just hard choosing an appropriate one


    use your tap


    use your tap

    He is after a Fridge Freezer, Not a water dispenser. He WILL be using a tap.


    use your tap


    If you have the space then consider getting a tall fridge and a tall freezer - typically 60cm wide each, so 120cm width needed (maybe a little more for wiggle room.) We have a Samsung American FF and whilst it is very good, the narrow freezer space can be a pain sometimes.

    Have a look at this link to give you an idea of the sort of prices and so on...... I too opted for one without the ice - for the same reason - plus the added noise it makes..... Hope it helps. (Oh also, by the way this site is where a lot of people get their deals from and add them here....) Purrrrrrrrrr xxxxx…_lo
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    Thanks Cloud the Cat, I'm thinking of the Kenwood KFF2DS14, what do you think seeing as you know these types?

    We got the Beko GNE114610 but it was expensive
    We liked that you could put huge wide trays on shelf, as its not got amiddle sepration part like most others
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