Found 19th Sep 2008
i am looking to buy an american style side by side fridge freezer with both water and ice maker on it.i am looking to pay no more than £500 for it.but if any one knows where i can purchase an american style side by side fridge freezer with an ice and water dispenser for less than £500 i would be very gratefull.thank you very much to any one who would be so kind to help me in my search
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Comet would be your best bet. Sounds like a tight budget though for one with both ice and water dispensers.
We got a fridge from a comet clearance shop. It should have been £400 but got for £200 as it had a small dent in it. They had loads of the american style ones.

they have 2 clearance shops soo it depends on whether you are near one

Walsall Road
WV13 2ET

Unit 8 Lomond Road
Possil Park Trading Estate
Possil Park
G22 6JJ
look at [url]www.currys.co.uk[/url]. i was looking earlier. they start at £499:thumbsup:
Nothing I can find for £500 with your requirements. Cheapest is this Samsung at ]Appliances Online for £573.99 delivered. Use voucher [COLOR=red][COLOR=Black]AOLAW10 for this price

just a word of caution the samsung american style fridge freezers are a bit unreliable, my mate got one broke down after 13 months, some generic fault with water dripping onto the cooler systems,comet refused to fix cos just after 12 month warranty period, unless you buy their rip off extended warranty. cant suggest any other but the 1 we got is a whirlpool awesome, had it for over 6 years but possibly over the £500 budget.hope it helps:thumbsup:
very good information..thank you.i will now concentrate on finding a cheep whirlpool side by side.if you have any good sites to check out,or if any one has any cheep sites for whirlpool side by side fridge freezers please let me know.once again thank you for your help and thank you to every one else who has given me advice so far in my search for a american style side by side fridge freezer with water and ice dispenser...but please keep it coming as i am still searching...thanks again
hi thanks every one...i bought one from comet clearence...an lg one for £560...many thanks for every one's help
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