America's Got Talent- Magic Trick

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Found 1st May 2008
Americas Got Talent- Magic Trick

This is really amazing !
What do you think ?

This is brilliant


wow that was something did they get through?

AMAZING!!!!! Thats talent

Superb! Love to know how it was done!

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Yes... WOW something really good (for a change ! ) I'm not sure but think that this clip was from last year ? ... very clever & professionally done though

think it two dwarfs

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think it two dwarfs

yeah think you're right ... best i've seen

that was brilliant

yeap perfect choreography

wow, gonna learn how to do this myself. Off to the pet shop now, what do you think I should buy to test it on?

ye that was surrweeet

a dwarf and a paraplegic may be, can't be 2 dwarfs, arms, hands and face are too big on main one.

we may never know after all it is magic

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wow that was something did they get through?

I don't know I will try & find out some more about them

found this about him on the Wiki :

Kevin James (b. ]April 28, ]1962) is an award-winning ]American]magician, known for creating several unique magical effects, such as the "Floating Rose" which is performed by ]David Copperfield. He has also had notable longrunning performance runs at major venues such as ]Crazy Horse (Paris) and ]Caesars Palace. He has won the prestigious "Parlour Magician of the Year" award from the ]Magic Castle and also appeared on the CBS television special "World's Greatest Magicians at the Magic Castle." In 2007, he was also a contestant on the second season of the televised competition ]America's Got Talent, where he was eliminated in the semi-finals.

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Stunning - as the other posts - would love to know how

That was freaking awesome! Thanks snowtiger.

That was good.
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