Amex cashback???????

Found 17th Apr 2009
I'd just like to say, AMEX is ****, I got a card last week as I spend a grand a month on my credit card and thought 5% cashback was a great offer.

Well it would be if anyone accepted it.

Rang to pay littlewoods £120, sorry don't accept
Posting stuff @ post office for £12, sorry we don't accept
£30 petrol @ local garage, sorry... do you have any other cards
Tried to pay for my booze in Coop half an hour ago, sorry we don't accept

I've also tried it on, & bang cd...all rejected

Wilkinsons,, no sorry

Music Magpy has AMEX as drop down box, I think "Yay" then I get an error message, sorry we don't accept.

I've used it to pay my bill @ $4
I should have made £12 cashback!!!! so far I've made 20 cents
Who the hell does accept it ????
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paypal, but then they charge ur stuff in usd and rip you off with exchange rates.....
hmv does accept it, dont know about the rest
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Big highstreet stores and restaurants accept it but many small stores or online retailers don't because of Amex's disproportionate charges (to the retailer) -- this is why they can afford to pay 5% in cashback!
Same with me, that is why i stopped using American Express and applied for a Captial one credit card.
4% for 3 months.....then 1% for life...........
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