AMEX gold card

Posted 18th Dec 2019
Considering the airport lounge access and first year free, (usual £140 annual fee) Is it worth it?
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It has two free visits/year
No point in taking a card and discarding a year later given the hit on your credit history. Easier to use something like the Platinum Cashback card.
Same question. Also does it mean if you are travelling with family, only card holder you can use lounge ?
I've done this before and used purely for the airport lounge access. You can take one person with you so it's access for 2 people. My other half took a card out too and he got 2 on his also. So the 4 of us got access to the lounge before departure at Manchester Airport, we were the only ones in there and we had a gorgeous breakfast, unlimited food and drinks and a lovely start to our holiday. Cancelled the cards when we got back. You can only have one per year so when the year was up I applied again and then we had a great start again to our holiday in New York the year after! Worth it but just remember to cancel it.
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