AMEX - If you clear minimum payment but get charged interest - does this affect your credit status?

    Evening all

    I have a Amex card BA - each month I clear my statement in full but this month I won't be able to.

    I am able to clear the minimum payment no problem - which will leave me with an outstanding balance to clear with interest charged

    I just wanted to know if being charged interest on this out standing balance will affect my credit status?


    Hiren P


    I don't think it does, it would only be if you missed paying the minimum payment by the due date that it would flag up on your credit file.

    Afaik, if you are paying the minimum required they have no cause to update your credit worthiness.

    is it a charge card?

    Nope. You're safe. Just make the minimum payment and there is nothing to worry over.

    I think they can see the history of your balance so would know you normally paid in full and hadn't that month. Afaik it only puts a "mark" on your file if you miss a payment.

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    Thanks all for info
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