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Posted 21st Dec 2019
I just had a refund from John Lewis on to my card . Before the refund I had an available balance of 4160 . The refund is now showing on my statement but the available balance is the same . The available balance after the refund should be 4490 or abouts .

I spoke to the app but it didn't seem to understand. The refund is showing but it has not actually changed my account balance .

Does that make sense ?
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It nights take a day or 2 to update
There's a chance you're looking at your Statement Balance (that may have already been calculated and therefore fixed) rather than your Total Balance?

If a refund has shown in your account it'll be fine, as @Arto mentions just give it some time.

If you had saved and used the recent JL cashback offer (£10 back off £50 spend), don't expect to keep the credit in this case.
I often find the available balance can take a few days to update. Amex is very good at showing an almost realtime inventory of transactions on your account but it does take time for these to go from pending to posted.
The refund takes a few days to clear. Same on any card.
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