Posted 2nd Jul
so with my trust projector and I am happy with a 1070 Ben q, no upgrade till 4k is way down in price , but at moment it is running on old yahama amp, the amp runs great but it's 5.1 and Atmos be nice firing up but also sensitive to electric, always has been but never a problem, but it's I am thinking of putting my better speakers downstairs and having them upstairs , but again no upgrade for Atmos.

so what a good budgete hopefully yahama amp, don't mind second hand that can run 5.1.2, which is think is 5.1 plus two Atmos speakers. my only 4k equipment will be Xbox digital which Netflix can do Atmos but is a good source of Atmos streaming at moment.

o think someone called biddy help me last time and helped me learn a lot
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