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Found 23rd May
Following on from my previous post, looking to buy kef ci50r ceiling speakers. Wanted to add a subwoofer to the setup. Was looking at the Cambridge audio amplifiers but it looks like they don’t have a subwoofer input. Can anyone suggest an amplifier for under £100 (please don’t have a go at me for low budget, don’t need really amazing quality)?
If it has 4 speaker inputs even better:D
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Any 2nd home cinema that supports HDMI and dts master should be alright. You cn buy them dirt cheap as some don't support 4k so go for sub £100 easily.
Audio amplifiers tend not to have subwoofer outputs. subwoofers are more of a home cinema thing.

for £100 I'd be looking at 2nd hand anyway.
I think you mean outputs - the amplifier outputs sound to the speakers, not the other way around...
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