Amsterdam cheap flight and hotel?

Posted 11th Oct
Hi there,

I would like to surprise my partner for her birthday with a trip to Amsterdam. Dates 16th - 18th Nov from Southampton airport.

Can anyone recommend Any tips and tricks to save money on flights and hotel as it seems quite expensive. Looking at £500 from websites for both of us for 2 night. I would ideally like to spend no more than 400 for flight and hotel.

I want to a hotel in central as that’s where we will be mostly and saves all the travel. I’ve never used airb&b and unsure how it works. Can I use it for Amsterdam and is it good?

Any help is appreciated and thank you for reading.
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cheap flight; skyscanner or google
cheap hotel; are you sure? I stayed in a lot of them. Mostly not very nice. Stay further out for beetr accom. Public transport is very good for getting in to the centre

Thai meal; The Bird
No such thing as cheap in the Dam - if you're prepared to travel from the outskirts you will find decent deals on hotels.

Good advice above regards searching.
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