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Found 16th Dec 2016
Good evening.

So, last month we took advantage of the DFDS flash sale and booked a sweet little trip to Amsterdam from Newcastle.
I asked on here for recommendations for what to do in the limited time we spent there (day trip), and with a few suggestions from some very nice members our trip was so enjoyable, we are looking to book again for March the 17th, 2017, but this time with an overnight stay with friends, in Central Amsterdam.

Question is, does anyone have any recommendations for a hotel near Centraal Station?.
Also, the night life. As we will have more time to spend there, any must do's or must try venues?

I'll be there for the beer.
Friends may be there for the coffee shops :P

As we will only be staying 1 night, the star rating is not an issue and as such, nor the price really as long as it's reasonable.



Hotel teun is nice. Stayed there recently with two other friends. Quiet, nice cafe downstairs, ten minutes from central station, plenty of coffee shops near by and smoke friendly bars, but it's a quiet area. If you want nightlife you're better off near Dam square. There's lots of music venues there including escape. Depends what you want. I'd go back, it's easy enough to jump on a tram anywhere. Get a day ticket if your using a lot and don't forget to use it getting on and off trams.

My son stays at The Train Hotel very close to the station and easy to get to most attractions.

Hilton Double Tree, with a balcony. (can smoke on there). Wicked roof bar. I enjoy it when the other half goes with the lads its the Bulldog but a suite/ apartment. That is in the thick of red light

I stayed at Hotel Arena in June. Under going a make over but doesn't affect your stay. Hotel is really nice as well, very comfy beds and a 5 minute walk from the trams to get into the centre.

I've never stayed at the train hotel but I've always wanted to . When I did this I booked one of the hotels on the dfds website . I couldn't tell you which but they did have a dedicated bus take you from the ship to the hotel which was a bonus

Grand Krasnapolsky

Don't stay near centraal, it's slap bang at the red light district and around the station at night is quite risky to be around - hookers and coke dealers. If you want a decent place to stay head to either leidsplein or vondelpark. Dead easy to get to number 5 tram from central to leidsplein - takes about 10 minutes, vondelpark park is the stop after that and takes about 15 minutes. Leidsplein and vondelpark are near the museum district including van gogh and reich. Leidsplein has plenty to do and is near the centre square where you have ever all the usual stuff. Leidsplein also has some of the best cafes about; mellow yellow, bulldog (original one), etc etc etc.

The park hotel in vondelpark is really nice as is the American in leidsplein. If you want cheaper then they have things like the marriott etc. Both districts have tons of b&b that you can stay at for dead cheap without being on a dodgy are either.

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The red light district is cool to see but you don't want to stay any where near it; hunners of tourists plus lads night out plus stags plus pickpockets etc. If you want something to do at night there are plenty of bars and clubs etc. I recommend getting some low thc sativa indica blend, a hot chocoMel drink, some paprika pringles and chocolate macaroons then heading to the grasshopper via the red light district. The grasshopper is a bar come cafe on the outskirts of the red light just south of centraall station. The cafe also plays movies that you can watch for free. Across the canal is the sex museum and the main street where you can catch trams, there is a restaurant called Marco polo that was pretty good the last time I went - it is on the tourist trap bit so a bit expensive so you'd be better eating in leidsplein square which isn't so touristy.

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I've spent over 2 months total there this year for work and you can completely ignore whoever up there said to stay away from centraal station because its "risky to be around" LOL. I spent most nights of my days there out for a drink either with customers or colleagues and never once felt unsafe. Taking them on a tour of the RLD yes there was maybe a person or two who was selling drugs but not once did we get harassed...its like any other city ignore them and keep walking.
I usually stay at the Renaissance or most recently the INK hotel but if you're looking for an awesome smaller/cheaper hotel close to the station check out the Hotel Sint Nicolaas, I was pleasantly surprised. Its not a full service hotel but the staff there are awesome and the rooms are very modern, clean, and a decent size. The other plus about staying close to Centraal station is that if you go travelling around (say to Utrect, Delft, or The Hague) you can always get back home as most trains will run back to centraal.
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Centraal isn't in the RLD. In fact from my experience the RLD is pretty self-contained, even 1 street away looks just like any other street. Personally I feel more uncomfortable walking in central London than I do in central Amsterdam. I'd recommend staying near Centraal just because if you only have 1 night and you know you will be doing things near there, why waste time travelling? If you want something quieter but still near Centraal, try some of the hotels on the west side, like the Room Mate Aitana.

Original Poster

Thank you for all the suggestions, I will be sure to check some of them out.

I got to say though that never once on our last trip, albeit it was through the day, that I/we never felt unsafe around Centraal.
I know night/day can be like chalk and cheese but this is a City, one that I am sure has it's fair share of night time creatures.
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