Amsterdam In Summer

Me and 2 mates are thinking about going Amsterdam in summer so can anyone recommend any cheap hotels and cheap flights please?



Rough idea of dates?

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Any weekend in august, 3 nights if possible.


Cheaper/easier and less hassle to drive on the ferry surely?

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I thought you could only stop for the day on a ferry?

Me and some friends are going on a coach for 4 days friday to monday. Everything paid for half board for £160 each. I'll try and find the details for you if you like?

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Yes please

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There's an old saying.... In Amsterdam, the one eyed snake is King.

Easyjet for your flight & Bulldog Hotel for your accommodation.

You in liverpool? If so obviously easyjet for flights... Much cheaper than going to hull/newcastle and getting ferry...

As recommended by ChrisUK Bulldog hotel is a good laugh (right in the heart of the red-light district mind... ;-))

As a guide - fly out EasyJet Liverpool-Amsterdam on Mon 4th August at 13:50, return Amsterdam-Liverpool Thurs 7th August at 21:55 - total cost £54.39 per person including taxes. NB You pay extra for hold-bags and rapid check-in so travel light and get to the airport early to save yourself money...

Edit - Just noticed you wanted a weekend - this will add a bit to the cost of flights (Friday flights are always more expensive) but not too much...

*So* much nicer to be in Amsterdam a couple of hours after you set off than being stuck on a coach and ferry for 15 hours...

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Thanks jah i will look in to easyjet more.


Just got back from Amsterdam on Saturday, was a blasst!!! still high. lol

Just some advice, the hotels get more expensive each year! Even the ****** ones, maybe worthwhile getting a decent 3 star hotel which includes breaky, as eating in the Dam can add up, besides you need a hotel central so that everything is within walking distance.
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