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    Does anyone know of any accomdation in the main canal strip or there abouts of amsterdams red light area either above bars or near the moulin rouge etc... there are many bars cafes etc.... and on our last trip i noticed that some pubs had accomdation above any advice or tips ???


    i know some people that stayed in this hotel/hostel:

    not posh
    not expensive
    great for a binge weekend if thats what your looking for, has a nightclub underneth irrc.

    im going in april on the dfds ferry trip, ill report back

    we're booked into dirty nellies in the red like district in august, its cheap and apparently cheerful...


    We've been three years in a row(group of lads), stayed at the same place! ]http//ww….nl it is a youth hostel. Close to everything that is good bout amsterdam!LOL
    + 24 hour bar!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    thanks for the tips guys;-) unfortunately there is no availability in the biker one and the meeting place has no private facilities need something private with a bath or shower if poss thanks for the tips would appriciate any other ideas:thumbsup:

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    checked these out still not found what were looking for yet but thanks for the tips

    there is the ben hotel by central station clean and cheap tel 020-3301401.and brian low budget family run hotel 020-624-46-61or di-ann hotel 1 min fron dam square where all the action is.its nice there reservations 020-623-11-37.or low budget in the heart of city hotel keizersgracht 020-625-13-64..dont forget to put 31 in front of these numbers.if you need any more let me know.or any other information

    You can pick up some great weekend deals at 4 & 5* hotels, that during the week are geared up to the business traveller, but are often near empty at weekends, I have had 5* hotels for £60 per night, although I guess its up to you how much sleep you want or if you will be sleeping at all ;-)

    The Bulldog Hotel is by far the best, very secure and cheap too. Twin room with breakfast is about £60
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