An advert

There was an advert on TV the otherday
an STI one with puppets
and i can rember one line where the puppet had to get his "pee pee" cut off

can anyone find this advert for me



vauxhall corsa vxr or fiesta ?

I think subaru also do a STI?


I think subaru do a STI?

they sure do, I have an STI in my street

Subaru Technical Institue apparently.......

That's almost funny.

Puppets with pee pees and STI's? I never knew but this must be set at the feet of Gordon Brown, as this is clearly the danger of a national education system that does not cater for puppets. Sooty and Sue would roll in their stuff bags at the thought. Seperate of course, as they were of the time when family values, loyalty and monogamy were at the heart of glove puppetry.

You were talking glove puppets?

Weren't you?

If you were talking marionettes than I'm not surprised...they're dirty feckers!

monkey food
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