An Android Phone - some advice please

Found 16th Mar 2011
I've had a BlackBerry Bold 9000 which has been great for email and text as I like the qwerty keypad without predictive text and it just delivers in an efficient and business like way. However, I 'm a bit fed up that it's no good with it's small screen for accessing forums, no Skype etc. Seems that apps are mostly just developed for i-phone and android.

I was considering an unlocked San Francisco to get started on Android, however, is there something much better for maybe another £50 quid, and is there some other models worth considering sub-£200 (inc secondhand)? I don't want to be paying £300 quid and I am not bothered about games but a good camera would be handy.


HTC desire, sony x10 (not the mini), samsung galaxy s


You'll get all the above for under £200 2nd hand.

Htc desire.

HTC Wildfire new is under that budget too

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Thanks all - got a san francisco to play with first and will move on maybe to a desire or somthing if i like android etc.
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