An Engineer's Guide to Cats - Funny!

    Are you snowed in and unable to get to work?

    Are you taking a sickie on national taking a sickie day?

    Watch this and have fun.…072

    I defy anyone not to laugh at the cat yodelling!


    ]clicky for the lazy.. lol

    Cat Yodeling Lol

    If I pick my cat up when he doesn't want it, he puts his feet in my eyes. lol. very gently, no claws or anything, but just to say, put me down now stupid human.


    my cats just play dead if you pick them up i think thats because when we had them as kittens kids were young and they learnt if they played dead kids would soon put them down
    they do look funny

    lol, brilliant!!!

    nice video

    Zoey is just like my old cat who passed years back. Still miss her. She would have loved the snow today. She was really thick in the head as well as her fur coat and would go out in the snow cos it was all different. When she came back she looked just like a snowman cos the snow got stuck to her fur. Then there would be meltwater patches wherever she went unless she allowed me to dry her off.

    Good vid.

    My wee girl was giggling loads at the cat yodelling... I'm away to hide ours before she gets any ideas!
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