An idea...

    I thought of this idea while in blockbuster today.

    Obviously there will need to be a system and trusted memebers only.

    Heres the idea.

    There is a thread where people can post what movies they want and if people have them, instead of selling they lend the movie to the person.

    The person recieving must pay for postage. Even on the return part.

    Thouhts and views?


    like a DVD library...........

    I dont get the ones back i lend to me mates and family lol, you know the old saying "I lent it to someone and am still waiting for it back............" lol

    Good if you can trust people!

    Would be cheaper to take out Lovefilm, Blockbuster etc when you factor in the constant postage costs.............sorry. :oops:

    Yeah its already been thought of, its called lovefilm. lol

    I agree with Jellybaby22.

    Original Poster

    Ahhh well

    i try.
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