An Incovenient Truth - A must see

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Found 16th Nov 2008
It is a documentary by almost American President Al Gore(what a great man) about the shocking truth of Global Warming. And how us silly humans are ruining the planet. It is worse than you could possibly imagine, Its a scary reality, The polar ice caps will be gone in 20 years or so. Most people arent informed of the scale of the problem, so If you havent seen it please rent it, buy it, download it. You really should be informed. It also tells you how you can make small changes in your every day lives to help. I.e. recycling etc. Its a really good Doco!


Rather watch Wall-E. Gore is a hypocrite.

Damn, forgot the link....…asp

Try reading "State of Fear" by Michael Crichton, a far more convincing read and, if you're interested, there are references that you can look up in the index.
It's fiction based on hard facts.


most of what Gore stated is false and has subsequently been proven so. Typical lying politician!

It's all based on hype, supposition and worst case scenarios, it's scaremongering at its worst. Must not see!

An inconvenient posssibilty,Maybe ,Maybe not,The problem is that anything that has been seen in a film is then seen as fact, If you look up Global dimming you will find that cutting back on carbon emissions will actually increase global warming,Who to believe ?
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