An odd request! A graph required lol

    Hi there all,

    i've just discovered a way of earning free

    Well I have been looking for a graph (bar,scatterplot etc) displaying the number of SARS cases, however all are showing me probable cases.

    I have been trawling the web for a graph showing me the probable cases and actual cases however have not found any

    So was wondering if anyone here is a master at searching the web and can find any?

    Would appreciate it very very much!

    Rep given to anyone who find

    Thanks in advance


    Umm. Dunno why you can't find any graphs.

    I googled sars graph actual cases and the second result showed this

    From this website

    Plenty more came up too. Is that what you need?

    Original Poster

    Hi there mate,

    Thats close...however it needs to have global cases which were probable cases and then out of them cases which were actually confirmed. I think a bar chart would be the best way to display that?

    Would really appreciate them you know and thanks for looking :thumbsup:

    As I said, try putting all the phrases you need into google

    I put "sars graph actual cases" (no quotes) and found hundreds of pages. Don't have the time to check them all. Try that phrase and add "global" in as well. Make sure it's you use not

    Good luck mate

    You could have a look through this index from the W.H.O. and see if you can find something that firs the bill.…ch=

    I'm not absolutely sure what you want so better you look.

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