An online company has charged me twice ... what do I do ?

    Its not a credit card, but rather a natwest servicecard.
    Ive been charged once correctly in January and again in March incorrectly. The company does not respond to my calls or emails and I dont want to leave this too long.

    Transaction has been made for exactly same amount from same company ... can someone please advise on what to do.



    What is the company? Someone may have experienced this and could advise on what they did

    What is a 'servicecard'? If it is like a Visa, Mastercard or a Debit card you need to contact your Bank/Card Provider ASAP.
    Or contact whoever the card provider is.

    Original Poster

    company is called "HiFix"
    yup servicecard is basically a debit card which my local bank owns.

    thanks for the advice. i will contact them tomorrow.
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