An online deal at argos is showing out of stock on

Found 27th Jun 2010
There is an offer on vacuum cleaners ... 20% off when you spend over £100 on Floorcare Plus free delivery. To qualify for discount please enter code FLOOR20 on the payment page. Please note this is an Internet Only offer. Offer ends 29th June 2010.

The Henry vacuum I want is showing out of stock.

OK, You can be sure as eggs is eggs (what is that?) that on the 30th June they will be back in stock. There is one reserve and collect at my local Argos.

Has anyone ever found a way to get Argos to hold the price until back in stock, or make them sell the in store one (on the basis it is not really out of stock) for the online price?
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4 left near me, no chance tho

worth an email to customer services
I am having that trouble with a dyson, I even had an email saying back in stock when i went to
it was out of stock.
No hope, Bob Hope, envelope and a stamp to stick on it

(thats a no chance btw:p:p:p )
tesco home stores do this, the minute the offer has ended the item is back in stock, really ticks me off
Argos Was A Mythical God Who Was A Tight Fisted Greedy Ship
I've been after a Henry Xtra too, but this is the second time they've had the 20% off all vacuum's offer. (this offer a few days after the original had expired).
I keep getting out of stock, even when i've got an update from Argos saying instock. Usually the case when companies dont want rid of stuff they can actually sell at full price.

I found this place that sells the vacuum, I even checked with Numatic to see if they are approved dealers and they are but still unsure as never had dealings with them before.…46w
Thanks guys, thought it was the case, but it was worth a shot. I saw the one at the above link, and I am giving it some thought. Argos Says Shocking Horrendous Outright Lies Endlessly Suckers.
Take a screen shot the last night of the deal and then one the next day (if item is in stock). Then complain to Argos or to Watchdog or Trading Standards......
I asked about this deal in store today. They checked and the price of 139.99 has never been lowered instore only online. The link to the other retailer seems a good bet though.
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