An Open Apology to Chuckles101 re 360 baiting.

    I had realised I'd confused you with a 360 obsessed nutter (from another thread - the dangers of little sleep courtesy of bossyboots) several posts before your original thread was locked but was enjoying the banter so I thought I'd see how it played out.

    When the thread became locked I (wrongly) assumed you had requested the lock and was as suprised as you to find it was ray...

    Would still like a picture of those working 360's though? I'll swap for a pic of my 260!

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    Wow thankyou very much old chap, you send me a pic of your 260 and i might get you one of my 360s

    TBH, sending a pic of the sonsoles is not a problem, but sending it of all 3 working is not as easy as I have 2 in 1 room hooked up to monitors at either end and the 3rd in my living room, hooked up to the TV, so taking a pic of 3 is easy as I can just disconect them and take a pic, but to disconect them all and move the monitors and plug socket ext and then put back together to take a pic of them all working then do it all again to move them back is to much time and effort lol
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