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Anatomy Night @ Edinburgh, York and Nottingham 13th and 14th February (Heart Dissection and Lecture)

Posted 5th Feb 2020
Hey Guys;

Tickets are being sold for £5.51 (£5 for ticket and a 51p booking fee) to go and attend a heart dissection and a lecture at the following venues:

Edinburgh The Cannon's Gait - 232 Cannongate, Edinburgh EH8 8DQ - 6:30pm ‐ 8:30pm
York - Spark York - 6:30pm ‐ 8:00pm
Nottingham - Canal House 48-52 Canal Street NG1 7EH <-- VERY FEW LEFT - 7:30pm ‐ 9:00pm


There was a venue at Brighton but it has since sold out.

Unsurprisingly it is based around Valentines day but, education is fun! =D
Seriously, it isn't all that expensive and can be an interesting experience to witness and to learn about.

The heart is that of a sheep incase anyone has any religious or ethical problems with the animal in question.
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