..and another insurance advice thread!

    Cut a long story short: I was rear ended by a woman.

    Anyway, submitted everything to my insurance company this morning.

    Just now her insurance company ring me! (Bell Insurance)

    The guy basically offered to take everything off my insurance and get the car repaired through them as well as a hire car...

    Made it sound quite attractive.

    But what's the catch?

    Sounds fishy no?


    I was rear ended by a woman.

    strap on?

    I'll leave now lol and let someone who knows about this help ya!

    Sounds odd, phone your insurance company and tell them see what they say.

    I used to work for Zurich Insurance and we used to deal with big companies/fleets of vehicles. When the driver we insured was at fault for the accident, we always offered to repair the third parties vehicle and provide them with a hire car etc. It saves you losing any no claims bonuses etc and makes things easier and more convenient for you. The other driver is clearly liable so it all sounds normal to me. Hope this makes sense! If you are concerned though you can talk it through with your own insurers.


    But what's the catch?Sounds fishy no?

    Not really. By getting your car repaired as soon as possible and sorting out a hire car themselves they are preventing you from incurring more losses through (possibly credit) hire that they would ultimately still potentially be liable for. It's smart, and more insurance companies should do it in cases where liability is so clear cut.

    Ive been involved in a couple off non fault claims.Similar to you. I was rear ended both times! Youre no claims is not effected as it a non fault claim. I didnt have to pay. Its the other persons fault. The only reason that the other company is wanting to do the repairs is cost. They will only use cetain repair centres and will get a certain rate. same for the hire car.

    I had two supplied via entersprise. The cost was met by the thrird party. £30 a day. The second was met by my insurance company. Tesco £9 a day.

    It will probably be more hassle to sort this out with youre company, but Id say stick with them!

    They do it to keep costs down. Your insurance may advise against letting them sort it all out but only because they will not make any money out of it.

    I have had this happen to me and let them go ahead but insisted the car go to a bmw main dealer to be repaired. They settled the 8k repair bill with bmw and paid out for an injury claim within 2 weeks.

    Your insurance will still go up next year, no?

    Oh yeah, forgot to sat that they will prob want you to use one of their approved garages. If you are not happy with this and want to use garage of your own choice, they may require you to get an estimate and send it into them for them to agree the cost.


    Sounds odd, phone your insurance company and tell them see what they say.

    Its not odd, this is the best way of doing it, and the fastest..

    By letting the insured who was at fault insurance company do all the work, it saves you having to even contact your insurance company and also stops them having it on file about you.

    The insured insurance company will them be able to arrange a garage of their choice, (or you can chosse) and then settle the claim.

    A lot of Insurance companies perfer this method now as they have TOTAL control on the costs, compared to you claiming on your insurance and then getting the work done, costs for hire car and then reclaiming the costs.

    This has happened to me twice in the last 12 months and i have requested it is done this way.

    Also, by getting the Insured company to deal with it, they have accpeted 100% liabilty, and can not dispute it at a later date... ie when your insurance company trys to claim back... as a lot of the time they will then try to do a 50/50 claim (depending on crash) and you both lose your no claims.

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