And I thought women knew nothing about sport!

    during the week there was a free 5 quid bet on betfair posted here on the man utd arsenal game-the missus and I both had a punt on man utd and had 9 quid in our accounts-I put the lot on chelsea to beat barca and lost it.(nothing ventured)

    The wife puts her 9 quid on rangers yesterday(knows nowt about football),wakes up this morning,puts the lot on jensen button and wins again.(knows nowt about f1) Not content with that she sticks her 35 quid balance on chelsea to beat arsenal.

    since they are now 3-0 up pretty certain she will have a balance over a hundred quid very shortly!

    Im never gonna hear the end of this-just kill me now!



    Hopefully she'll quit after the chelsea match while shes ahead :thumbsup:

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    Hopefully she'll quit after the chelsea match while shes ahead :thumbsup:

    yep-she said that if this wins she is withdrawing.

    You're very lucky she only bet you in money, if that was me i'd be three foot rubs and a long back massage up lol

    i won 57 quid predicting the correct score for the ars-manu match! was awesome!
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