And in the news ...........

Happens often, in a lot of eating establishments, you would be surprised what people are called on tickets sent to kitchens..
15 minutes of fame. It annoys me so much.
Isn't that 'Prepared by'rather than 'Prepared for' face?

And who goes for their 'lunch break' between 5:07PM and 11:07 PM?
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deeky12/11/2019 18:42

15 minutes of fame. It annoys me so much.

After a bit more compo, I reckon.
He's already been given enough for a 6 piece bargain bucket.
RedNWhite12/11/2019 19:13

Isn't that 'Prepared by'rather than 'Prepared for'

Correct At least the guy knows the proper form of address next time
Why do we need to know how old his is?
Why does gravy 30 mins to make?
Who waits 30 mins for their order in a fast food restaurant?
Who gives a s t
^^^ Look Mods, I'm being an anarchist and trying to bypass the naughty words filter. Oh the outrage.
Don't click the OP's link either, the newspaper is bypassing the filter too, by using *'s instead of letters.
Society is crumbling.
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Derek_Lancelot_Shatwell12/11/2019 19:57

Why do we need to know how old his is?

Because it makes the "journalist", who in reality just stares at Twitbook all day, feel like a real journalist?

If it had been female we would have also known her marital status and possibly 'vital' statistics...
What a god dam minute here!...

Quote "I waited 20 minutes, maybe even 35 or 40 minutes, for my lunch..."

Are we sure this man wasn't actually s**tfaced like the label said sounds like he'd been drinking to me, first hes not sure its 20, 35 or 40minutes... and second, who it there right mind waits any longer than 6minutes lol
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