Andrew Ridgeley Signing "WHAM! George & Me" At Waterstones, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow On 7th December

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One for the Weegies who like Wham! or George Michael....I've been trying to get a signed book of the autobiography "WHAM! George & Me" from various retailers since I discovered they were available, for my GM-crazy sister.

Andrew's Tweeted earlier today (just read it!) saying he'll be at Waterstones in Sauchiehall Street (one Tweet says he was there on the first stop of his book signings - how did I miss this)?

A ticket costs £20 (admission + copy of the book), it's worth it to see my sister excited.

Anyway, if you missed out like I did or just don't keep in the loop, now's your chance.…931
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Someone's complaining about the £20 price (maybe they think it's just for admission) - but there's a reply that says, "for the £20 you get the book and get it autographed, you get to have your photo taken with Andrew, you get a special Lanyard pass, and a T-Shirt. All for £20 what a bargain PLUS you can also have a 2nd book you already have autographed too."

Don't see anything mentioned about a lanyard or a t-shirt on my email receipt, but that's even better.
Good to see he's not cashing in on the death of his "best friend"
He didn’t couldn’t sing when he was in wham, so no chance on his own....
To be fair, Andrew has kept a very low profile since his Wham! days and hasn't courted publicity at all..I don't think this is a cynical money grab. He was on good terms with George.

I think he just wants to put the record straight and tell his and George's story from his perspective, why not.
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