Android 5.1 - Cannot select OK on Accessibility services permission screen.

    My phone is a 1st Gen Moto G LTE (XT1039), running fully updated stock Android 5.1 and is NOT rooted.

    I need to grant accessibility permission to an app, and when I drill down Settings > Accessibility > select a Service > swipe to ON > I get a pop-up screen which asks me to confirm granting permission with options to CANCEL or OK.

    The "OK" option isn't greyed-out, but I can't select it. Nothing happens when I repeatedly hit the OK option. CANCEL works fine.

    I've done some Googling which suggests that screen dimming apps can stop the OK button from working. I've therefore uninstalled Lux, Twilight, Nightowl and any other screen-affecting apps, but I've still got this problem.

    Short of resetting my phone, does anyone know a solution to this?



    do you have any 3rd party antivirus installed? that may be stopping you changing security settings

    Try rebooting the phone and then try again

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    Thanks guys, but neither of those suggestions have helped.

    put full brightness on and try it I use lux and some apps don't work properly like banking and ebay if u have deleted all of them restart the phone and put full brightness and try see if it works or not

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    Solved the problem by rebooting into SAFE mode (long press on the POWER OFF option when it pops up) and then rebooting normally. I didn't even know safe mode existed until I read about it by chance yesterday.
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