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what is so good about android and why is it rated so highly?
what does it allow you to do?
is there a demo/lite version for games eg. assassins creed


It allows you to have a mobile operating system.

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meaning you can do stuff on your phone what you wouldn't be able to if you didn't have android.

its the operating system of a phone... similar to windows xp.

It's just a very secure, simplistic OS for mobiles that you can customize a ridiculous amount. More and more developers are getting onto the platform because it's definitely going to overtake iOS and RIM within a few years.

I would say the best thing about it is the cool widgets.

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can you customize your homepage with it or what?
what kind of cool widgets?
and could you answer my question about games above. thanks.

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also what is better
the htc touch 2 or the orange san francisco?


can you customize your homepage with it or what?what kind of cool … can you customize your homepage with it or what?what kind of cool widgets?and could you answer my question about games above. thanks.

Of course, i change my 7 homescreens all the time (Even this morning)
Widgets like Weather, Friendstream (Facebook), News, Music, Clocks, Bookmarks, Calender, Calculator.

Just search Google Images for "HTC Widgets" for some examples on what you can do.

Again Google is best for your second question. Although a quick search indicates there is a version, but hasn't got very good reviews.


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well can you get lite versions and is there any 3d game on android market?
my htc doesn't have android (touch 2) so should i get the san francisco instead?
can every android phone have seven homescreens and do you have to dowload an app to do this or not?
also is it a user-friendly interface because i don't want it to be too complex
'liked' your comments

Not every Android phone can have 7 touchscreens and some of the cheaper 1's if you have that many and load them up with widgets etc they may lag slightly. You don't need to download an app to do this, it's standard on a lot of them(originally, it was 3 on the G1 and slowly increased since then).

It's VERY, VERY user-friendly. You'll get the hang of it in no time at all.

There are quite a few 3D games however a lot of them are iPhone ports which means they're not properly optimized by the developer's for Android devices. However, like I said before more and more developers are jumping onto the Android bandwagon so before you know it there will be some awesome Android games.

PPS some of the stuff DarkKnight's mentioned is only available on HTC Sense-enabled phones(i.e. the Desire, Hero, Legend) and you'd have to root your phone(jailbreak it) to get them onto a non HTC Sense phone, so just keep that in mind !

san francisco is faster
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