Android 9 Pie Changing Location To Battery Saver Mode? Where Is It Located on the Phone?

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Hi All, so I recently purchased a new phone which as got Android 9 Pie installed, its totally different to previous versions of Android and very similar to Android 10 with some amazing features, but there does not seem to be a way you can change the location settings to Battery Saver as in previous versions of Android which was so simple, it seems Android 9 Pie utilises high-accuracy location settings at all times on the apps that require location requirements... is there anyway to change it to Battery Saver as I know from experience having it set to high accuracy all the time drains the battery down big time.
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The only way I can find to do this on my phone (Xiaomi) is open settings, search for GPS in the search bar, tap on location from the list & the option should be there.
Can you not set location permissions per app on Android 9?

On Android 10 you can set location permissions for each app to only use location when the app is running (when you would want high accuracy)
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Disable GPS, job done.
I can change on my Huawei P30 Pro by simply dragging down the notification bar and switching it off.
Under 'location' on your settings you can turn WiFi and Bluetooth scanning off. Those are what contribute to the 'high accuracy' level
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