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Found 19th Oct 2010
Sorry if it's a daft question but what apps really eat away at the battery that i should keep checked in this app?

Also what apps should I uncheck so it doesn't kill them (i.e. really shd leave those ones running)??

I've got a stock Orange San Francisco on Voda.

NB Anyone local to ournemouth/Poole who could help me (i.e. do it!) the Boot and apply custom rom please???

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I stopped using a Task Killer, it didn't improve anything.

Android manages memory use very well on it's own.

Good article by one of the forum members here…hem

To save battery, turn screen brightness down, avoid using widgets which are constantly updating, reduce the frequency of updating.

Being the owner of a Desire, my advice is stay close to a plug socket.

yep, when i used that Task killer I would have instability on various system apps, including the FM radio. I would ditch it and just do as Bobbajob suggests. Also, you can get apps such as Timeriffic which you can schedule to switch off (rather than kill) stuff - e.g. overnight i turn off my data and wifi and then re-activate it in the morning...

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Cheers guys. Have unistalled it. In all honesty coming from an iPhone, I'm used to having to re charge but am pert pleased with San Fran!

You should be able to tell what Apps are using by going to: Settings/Applications/Running Services.
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