Android alarm clock that turns itself off after a preset time?

Posted 9th Nov 2022 (Posted 3 h, 32 m ago)
Anyone know of an Android alarm clock where I can set a preset time that it stops it's alarming at.
If I am in the shower and this stupid Samsung alarm clock starts alarming, it doesn't turn itself off for ages and ages and then starts alarming again a few minutes later. Drive me mad it does

I want to be able to set how long it alarms for before turning itself off.

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    I think I had the same type of issue.
    My Poco F2, has 2 clocks.
    A Google clock and a Poco clock.
    The Google one does not go off when set.
    Stays silent and turns off.
    The phones own one works fine.
    I use the one with the tick.
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    Try installing the standard Google clock app, you can change the alarm ringing time in the settings.…ock
    Thank you, I wil altho the latest reviews are not too promising.
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    well that's alarms, can't you set on phone how long for and not to repeat,can on mine
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    Most android devices will allow you to set the length of alarm before it goes silent. It's in the setting.

    You have it set so it keeps going I guess
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    Samsung clock on this M32 does not have that.
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    I also need the alarm clock to allow me to choose a date for an alarm, not just a day. Still going to try Google clock, but I am trying this one today.…ree
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    In fact just did what Mr Plow suggested. Should have done that at the beginning.
    Thank you Mr Plow, said Homer.