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Hi Guys
I request some advice and guidance. Can you pls tell me if one needs any kind of coding knowledge etc to develop apps for android.
I have been on the androind site and have read few resources and downloaded the SDK, but have not made any more progress, as I read some codes and felt that I may be incapable. I have no knowledge of coding whatsover.


I have no knowledge either, but used the SDK and went through the tutorials.
Have yet to venture out and try my own creation!

I would say to go through the tutorials to familiarise yourself and see what happens!

Practise makes perfect!

What would I need to do this, am dloading the sdk, and the eclipse plugin, which eclipse should I download?

I may be getting myself confused with the App Inventor...:|

Can you access this link? Clicky!

If not, try this for how get started - Clicky!
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I may be getting myself confused with the App Inventor...:|Can you access … I may be getting myself confused with the App Inventor...:|Can you access this link? Clicky!If not, try this for how get started - Clicky!

I had a quick go on the App inventor earlier today. Quite easy to use, but will take a bit of learning to get the most out of it. Will be much more limited than using the SDK and programming properly, but might work for simple apps.

No programming required using this, and plenty of tutorials to get you started.

Take a look at this tutorial, knowing a bit of java might help.

Original Poster

Thanks guys
any more comments or guidance....

you need to learn Java first, theres no way you will be able to just do it without knowing java. The Java language itself is easy to use, Generics and Inheritance maybe a little tricky for you to get your head round (for you that is).

Theres stuff like servlets, hibernate, swing, jsp and design patterns that you probably dont need to worryabout yet. Java does not have the same speed at runtime as native c but its alot more easier to use, which means theres alot of people with low IQ's programming in it without any regard to any coding guidelines.

oh thats another thing to check out - Java coding guidelines, they will come in handy when understing code.
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If you have zero programming experience I would say you will find it pretty tough - of course people learn at different rates etc. etc. but dont e expecting too much too soon! get hold of some good beginner tutorials to try and learn the 'right' way - if you do stick with it learning the right design 'patterns' will pay dividends as your apps get more complex.

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