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Found 16th Sep 2009

I've been on some forums etc, helpful as they may be I've yet to find all the useful apps out there, so please share your lovely apps which you've either downloaded or developed. I'll make my shortlist on the next post.

NB for those who do not know what is android, it is the os for phones like some HTC brands, in competition with iPhone and many other smart phones, however android is open source much like ubuntu, where by coding can be changed. This is great obv. as many ppl can make apps and mods to phones for FREE!
Community Updates

Word up - much like boggle. Gf loves it.
Spiral defence - much like robo defence but this has a calm but good feeling sensation.
Armadillo roll - not hugely fun but graffics put the ps1 to shame!

Other apps:
World tour - picks out webcam images from around the world and sticks it on your background, very impressive.
Ring of face - new app for me, not fully tested but ppl say its good.
Shopsavvy - expect most ppl played with this before.
Ibeeb - BBC iplayer,
Quick uninstaller,
Game: AirAttack. There is a free demo, liked it so much bought the full version.
Beeb Player - Free Live TV
Google Search By Voice
Shazam - Search for Music
AndNav2 - Navigation Tool
Pic Say - Picture Editor
are a few of the top ones
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