Android app/setting to stop voice calls routing to bluetooth speaker?

Found 2nd Apr 2014
Hi, quite often I will listen to music stored on my phone using a bluetooth speaker (which has got a microphone built in).
When I get an incoming call I'd like the music to stop, the phone (and also the BT speaker, if possible) to ring.
When I answer the call, I'd like to speak & listen via the handset only (not the BT speaker).
Currently, I have to manually change the setting from BT to handset every time.
When the call is finished, I'd like to return to listening to the music through the BT speaker.
I'd like this to be set up so I don't have to switch back and forth manually every time.
Can anyone help by pointing me at an app or setting I may have missed?
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Think its to do with the settings in blue tooth . select media audio only rather than phone audio.
Original Poster
Great, thanks - I never bothered to look in the individual paired device settings.
I've set it as stated and will mark as best answer following my next incoming call (assuming it works!)
lol should work it annoys me when in car and either the audio or media drops connection depending on what I was doing...
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