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I want to purchase an Android Box mainly for better IPTV and faster Kodi. I have done a bit of research, so far my mind is set on the MeCool M8S with the Amlogic 912 chip. But which version?

The L appears to be the best but then it has DDR3 ram, while the Pro has DD4. Will that make a huge difference? (in one of the review someone said 30% less power consumption and other benefits as well)

Will I be able to install the latest kodi myself seeing that these come with something called TV Centre (a kodi 17.3 fork)?
Any other suggesstions for a box? My budget is £50 for a box and I was looking at one of those Rii keyboards as well. Bluetooth is mandatory as well as 3GB of ram.

Also read about widevine but do I really need that if my 4k LG TV has Netflix4K app and Youtube already? Are there other benefits to having widevine level 1?
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You would prob get better replies posting on a website dedicated to this sort of tech.
3GB ram android box for under £50 sounds good

I had 2GB one for Kodi IPTV but streaming was unreliable and took 20 mins to find certain things to watch, then a month later no channels there and got fed up with it all. Many people get on with them, maybe its just me
i sold about 500 boxes last year before i quit due to misleading fake news and people getting scared.

Please note a few things

android boxes below 5, (4.42, 444) are hard to get 17.3+ on without a bit of playing

best ones now are not quad core but octocore with 2-4gb of ram and android 6+

what are you going to use the box for? box sets? sports? tv?
I plan on using it for IPTV, sports, TV, Kodi. not gaming or anything like that. Live streams basically.
I will only buy one with 3gb of ram and an octacore chip i know that already and android 7.1 already installed.
I just wanted to know if there is one that is the best - or more stable then the others that fits these hardware characteristics. Or that doesn't get really hot or stuff like this - that users have experienced.
Kodi is junk on android. Run Libreelec on your box, I have an amlogic s905x (quadcore, 2gb ram) box and it'll happily do 4k hevc h265 HDR at 120mbps bit rate and bitstream audio. On android it couldn't even do 1080p smoothly
If you're running libreelec 2gb ram is more than enough for anything you could throw at it, on the kodi home screen it uses about 130mb ram vs 900+mb on android.

I also have a amlogic s805 years old android stick (quadcore, 1gb ram) and it'll happily do 1080p h265 hevc high bitrates files without breaking a sweat on Libreelec, couldn't even do 720p properly on android.

Basically use libreelec or you're wasting your time and money, a £20 box will outperform anything this side of £100+ with ease if you do that.
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I've read a bit about that just now but apparently it will only be good for Kodi as it does not support much else. I already have a firestick gen 2 where I have kodi installed and manually install addons that I want and it runs ok. It's not the fastest but it rarely lags. I want the android box for stuff like terrarium and other IPTV apps as well as 4k playback from USB.
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