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Android box or Nvidia Shield

Posted 18th Nov
Another android box I have had has gone pop so is being returned to Amazon. I am unsure whether to go for another android box or just bite the bullet and get an Nvidia Shield. Does anyone own a nvidia shield and should i get the old version or the nvidia shield pro? Convince me.
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I’m not sure why this is expired so soon, but I’ll have a stab.

I am a huge advocate of the shield, you have effectively answered your own question though, the build quality and support on shield is second to none. I’m still rocking my first gen 2015 models went they still get software updates the same way todays models do.

In terms of what one to get, up to youe usage. I only have the 16gb model as I bought it for plex, streaming, and some causal games. But if I ever wanted to expand the storage you can just stick an ssd or usb drive in a port and increase storage. I’ve been happy on my 2015 models but given they are 4 years old now I’m hesitant to recommend, it’s only a matter of time until they stop getting updates. My understanding from discussions on reddit is there’s no price break on the older ones so I’d just get the very latest one. But wait until black Friday, they almost always come down
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