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Chrome imo
Chrome or Firefox. Chrome is more responsive for me but Firefox has add-on support.
My personal preference is Chrome but FireFox isn't far behind.
Chrome for me
Depends on what you're browsing. If you're viewing something that is media heavy (loads of ads and pop up videos) then use Brave browser. I think Opera Mini is better than Chrome and Firefox (design flaw) because you can switch between the tabs so much better giving you a better experience. Try a few out and see what you prefer.
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Opera Mini. Far too many bloated apps these days.
C.M Browser or Chrome
Opera is excellent
Don't understand why anyone uses a web browser without a word wrap feature on a phone screen. Opera for me.
Brave with Duckduck go search engine - should avoid Google keeping track of everything you search for.
Although seeing as you are on Android they probably still track it...
you havent really stated in what context as in phone, kodi box, tablet

i use firefox on my s9+ and tab and on my kodi box and great as syncs to my mac and pc for bookmarks
Yandex browser is worth a try. (It's Russian, and that's not so popular these days, but I haven't heard about any Yandex privacy issues). Has ad blocking, address bar at the bottom, nice tiled shortcut homepage... and the killer feature for me - free lastpass account support.

Samsung has released their browser more generally - it's quite polished. I believe it has an ad blocker.

I've always been a fan of Boat Browser as well, though it hadn't been updated in a while last time I checked. Has well implemented tabbed browsing.

And of course - as mentioned the big players like FF, Chrome, Opera.

Oh almost forgot - quite liked the speed of Puffin Browser as well. USP is that it compresses non https pages before delivery, so page loads are quick.

There are a few in this thread I haven't tried - so will give them a go!
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At the moment I'm using Ghostery browser.
In the past I've used Dolphin and FireFox.
Chrome works well for me
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