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Still getting to grips with my Desire Z and have issues with the Internet on it.
In comparison with my previous TP2, I don't seem to be able to close it when I'm finished with the internet, no matter how often I clear history, cookies etc it still doesn't clear what sites I've previously been on. And although I've set Google as my home page, it always open where I last left off!!
So, am I missing something, or is this just the way the built-in browser works? Should I be using another browser like Opera mobile?


Try Dolphin Browser, its a great Android App in my personal top 3.

Firefox Mobile is now available on a number of Android phones.…le/

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Tbh, FF would be my preferred option as I use it on all my computers but I recently read less than enthusiastic reports about the mobile version!

+1 for Opera Mobile

didn't like Dolphin personally, but give it a go and try it for yourself. They're both better than the stock browser, that's for sure!

Miren is the best, closely followed by opera, and you might like to try boat browser.


Try Dolphin Browser, its a great Android App in my personal top 3.

This is the one I use, no complaints so far!

i've tried most of them and find skyfire to be the best. leaves pages open, allows quick switching between tabs, asks if you want to clear session history when you exit, as well as a facebook button (not that i use it) and other nice extras.

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Gosh, so many options! Has anybody tried the mobile version of Firefox?

mobile version of firefox is not worth having in my experience... much prefer dolphin hd, has tabbed browsing, lots of menu options including when you want to switch off the browser completely, just hit menu and choose exit, you can also choose at that time to wipe the cache etc too

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Well thanks for your help folks, I've downloaded and installed Opera Mini and Mobile on my phone, and Opera on my laptop.
Interestingly, totally automatically and immediately my FF bookmarks appeared in Opera, and then via Opera Link I synched them into Mobile. However, for some strange reason I can't synch them into Mini!
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