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LocalFound 7th May 2017
I'm looking for a camera app that lets me have access to shutter speed, aperture and iso...In other words manual mode like you have on a dslr.
I've only ever used dslr before and going on the play store they all seem to say "beauty face" or "hdr" or have some fancy gimmick I'm not interested in.
I'm looking for something I can do long exposures on.
I'm using an S5 Mini.
So if anyone could suggest an app to try I would be very grateful, thank you
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LG camera app has the options built in. However you cannot change the aperture for obvious reasons.
don't know if it has what you want but open camera isn't gimmicky.
Never got better results using camera apps. Just stick with stock app now. I think the apps are just a skin over the stock app to add effects and give a few more options.
It usually comes down to if your phone hardware supports that feature, not down to an app.
Thanks guys.... I ran an app that checks my cameras manual compatibility and it's pants. Doesn't support any manual functions......I'll just have to use my DSLR......
pixlr and afterfocuse are two great apps loads of filters to give you stunning finishes.
I use/like the FV-5
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