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Found 30th Nov 2017
Right my Huawei p9 has recently in the past week decided to close itself down when I try to use the camera. It doesn't happen everytime I use the camera just sometimes. The battery was at 79% the first time it happened and today it was at 55% and it happened. Auto flash was on but no activated at the time the phone shut down.
The first time I thought I just hadn't realized the battery was that low but when I plugged it in to charge it said 79% on screen.
Today I was able to put the phone back on after it shut itself down and it's been fine on everything else since. I opened the camera and took a couple of quick shots and was ok too.

Any ideas on what may be causing this and how to rectify it? Annoying as it's got the lecia lens so my main reason for having it is the camera ....
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cecilmcroberts19 h, 41 m ago

How to fix P9 camera crash issue.

yeah except that's a different issue.
little_green8 m ago

yeah except that's a different issue.

If you google around it is the same issue, you either get the error message or the device shuts down like the symptoms you have seen yourself. The fix is the same. Or if you post on the below forum you will get the anwser. If you posting on XDA don't forget to include the details of what OS version you running along with the device firmware version.

XDA Devs P9 issues
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