Android help ! looking for APP to display TXT files with word wrap

Found 3rd Aug 2017
As title,
Been asked by a newbie friend, and can't seem to find what he needs.

looking for an Android APP that can display text (TXT) files with zoom capability AND must automatically word wrap to show text on screen without scrollbars etc.

He's a singer / guitar player in a band and want to use a 10" tab to display the lyrics - "just incase he looses the thread to the song"
Not looking for karaoke or anything complicated, but am really bemused I can not find an app to do this (I am a bit adverse to installing any old app so to speak)

Any recomendations greatly appreciated
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craigstephens2 m ago


Nope - does not wrap txt on zoom (for me anyway) - am I doing something wrong?)
Try Notepad++ I think from memory it wraps or can be configured to wrap.
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