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Posted 15th Apr
I have an enclosure that holds the ipad on my wall and it has a usb power outlet built in.... so am looking to replace the old ipad that is in it (ipad 2 which is v v slow on the ios 9.3) with an android tablet.... as I have moved my household ecosystem to android.

The issue is that the enclosure that built into the wall will obviously only work with something that is exactly the same size as the ipad in dimensions and the home button has to be on the same location so that the pre-cut hole with plastic button presses it correctly....

I have searched endlessly over the last 2 days but all i find is youtube video's which don't give links or don't really show if it is the same size as a normal ipad....
so hopefully am reaching out if anyone is aware of one which i can order? doesnt' have to have the lightening connector as I have a builtin usb port in the wallmount that i can connect any powercalbe to.

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Itll be difficult finding something like that but even if you do I doubt itd be better than the current iPad 2 so I'd suggest getting a new enclosure or something similar size and download a home button which is on the screen of the tablet incase it is blockdx
You are probably going to have to get creative and buy a tablet with a 9.7” screen and maybe cushion it in place tight so the enclosure fits to the screen size. Bezels have gotten much much smaller so I don’t think you’d have a good chance of getting one the same
Woyld an ipad 4 have the same form factor or similar enough? Not brand new tech by any means but probably an awful lot better than the ipad 2
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