Android Market - can't download apps

    Got my SF from orange and have installed the de-orangead rom and unlock the handset successfully etc.

    However, using my home WiFi connection, I'm unable to get any apps to install.

    I have tried reading elsewhere for solutions, and understand this is a relatively common issue, but I've tried clearing my cache on market, clearing data on google talk etc, to no avail.

    When I'm on Market, my AppBrain app is stuck on 'downloading' and won't progress any further - same with other app downloads.

    Anyone point me in the right direction?

    I've read that a factory reset is the way forward, how much info will this delete from my handset - would I need to reinstall the ROM etc?


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    got vague recollection of reading either in the big sf thread on here on over at modaco that depending on the rom you used you had to first use the market via your data connection for it to work properly.

    a factory re set would wipe all your data. if you go down that road I'd try connecting to the marrket first via you data connection and not wifi when your up and running.

    I could have dreamt all of that so don't take it as gospel lol and I'm sure someone will come up with something more sensible soon enough.

    I think your first connection to the android market may have to be via 3g

    I know this is true for Android 2.2

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    Thanks guys.

    I don't have data on my contract sim atm, but I do have a t-mobile sim that may have data on it - so will give that a go.

    If anyone else knows otherwise, can you let me know?

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    Took the hit and paid my massive £1 for data on my O2 sim - worked - thanks folks.
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