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Found 4th Jul
hi all I'm looking for the best phone deal and many phones on here but would rather get advise from someone who has the phone ..I would like a fast phone with minimum 64gb and 5.5 plus screen . I don't use NFC. I would just like something that doesn't lag. I'm on a SIM only deal which I will keep on going. I install and use around 30 apps as I use this for work too. I don't have s9 budget and would prefer not to order from abroad. TIA
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You haven’t stated a budget
goderic10 m ago

Up to £400 please

OnePlus 6
pooool14 m ago

The Xiaomi Mi A2 is coming soon: …The Xiaomi Mi A2 is coming soon:

In a UK store?
goderic40 m ago

What's your thoughts on this …What's your thoughts on this!colour=black&capacity=64GB&dealType=sf

It's an OK mid-range smartphone with an average camera and an old(ish) processor. Not in the same league as the phones mentioned above.
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