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Found 29th Jan

I have a Chinese non branded tablet from eBay not in warranty I think. It was showing an intro screen but not progressing to fully coming on. For days now it just keeps showing low charge and not doing anything else or seeming to charge more. I have tried different chargers.

any ideas? is it debunkt, unfixable?

I am writing this from a phone. Thanks.


Same thing happened to my Chinese tablet, the batteries are generally of poor quality and in my case it the tablet would turn on/show intro when battery was between 10-15% and 70-80% but wouldnt turn on between them values it would just show low battery icon.
You could contact seller and try for a refund/repair but typically sending the tablet to China is more effort and money than it's worth

Tablets are so cheap now I don't know why you'd go to an unbranded Chinese one. But yeah. Sounds ****

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it is a cube tablet btw.
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